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Welcome to my website. I am so glad you have found yourself here! This is a website that puts it all together for you as far as relationships, physical, emotional, sexual and giving insight into, dare I say it, "Aging". I can help you to be your best in your relationship or the best you can be to attract your next relationship. Use the menu or click the links below to learn about all areas in my practice:


Much of how I look at life starts with assuring that the body is functioning to its highest potential. Assuring that your cells have all the components to churn out energy and repair themselves to keep you functioning at your peak performance.
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eight Control/Obesity: Obesity is a major problem in the US. According to recent information published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 79 million people in the U.S. have pre-diabetes, nearly 90 percent don't know it.
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elationships/ Trauma Recovery: Now that you are the best that you can be physically, how are your relationships? Having healthy relationships in our life makes our lives richer. Research tells us that people get sick in bad relationships, both physically and mentally and in positive supportive relationships they thrive.
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o ahead, explore what this website has to offer you. I hope that you will find information that will help you heal and give you tools to become the person who you are intended to be!

  • Eating Disorders
  • Obesity, Weight Loss and Binge Eating

"Chrisanna's qualifications plus her quiet, accepting attitude, which deserves your trust, combined with a no-nonsense approach has allowed me to make great strides toward self acceptance." Client for 2 years, Port Charlotte, Florida

"My talks with Chrisanna enlightened me as to why I used food to comfort me. My support has been wonderful! Thanks so much for all your help." Client, North Port, Florida

I started to realize the benefits of Chrisanna's counseling at the first session, and those benefits steadily increased throughout my time with her. It only took me a few months to complete my course of therapy - I was pleased and surprised as my impression is that people can end up in therapy for years, and with little improvement to show for their time and money.

Chrisanna basically fine-tuned my all ready good eating habits and I FINALLY started losing weight! She also set realistic goals for me and my age. In a very short time I attained my target weight and was able to "spread my wings and fly away" from her care. Client Port Charlotte, FL

I received not only some answers, but tools that I am using every day to continue to improve my life. I feel privileged to have had Chrisanna as my counselor - she has a broad array of expertise and experience, making her counseling even more comprehensive and valuable.

The therapy I received from Chrisanna Harrington has made a positive change in my life. She helped me to better understand my situation and root causes, and then through readings and counseling, taught me how to effectively address my issues.

I wholeheartedly endorse Chrisanna Harrington and recommend her to anyone seeking effective therapy and behavior modification training. Her approach really works!